Our facilities are located in the Scientific and Technological Agri-Food Park of Lleida, a Spanish reference in the field of agro-food industry that currently hosts around 30 companies and more than 550 workers.

We have at our disposal an external manufacturing process, a research laboratory as well as a medium‐scale test and trial centre for offering a comprehensive service to our clients.


Our equipment includes several glass‐jacketed reactor systems ranging from 1 L to 20 L equipped with mechanical stirrers for scale‐up of developed synthesis, including Hüber heating and cooling circulation thermostats (from ‐20 °C up to 200 °C). Additional common laboratory equipment is also available (ultrasound bath, rotary evaporator, several magnetic and mechanical stirrer, oven, laboratory centrifuge).

We have access to the Scientific and Technical Service from the University of Lleida: The couplings and mass spectrometer (MS) can be both gas chromatography (GC/MS) and high performance liquid (HPLC/MC) and allow the realization of a wide variety of analyses.